A quick and dirty note on FB, competition and individualism


If there was competition, we’d not be stuck with Facebook (FB).

In a competitive market, bad behavior is not left unpunished. Users flee in droves to the next best alternative.

Yet, moving to Instagram (that’s FB btw) or Snap does not even make second best (except perhaps for youngsters). Until now, #DeleteFacebook has not picked up much network effects.

Or perhaps we are looking on the wrong side? A very thorough paper from the Wall Street Journal suggests that there is pushback from upstream advertisers. Query what the end equilibrium will be.

As an aside,  I can’t help but thinking that we are individually as much part of the problem, as of the solution (note to readers: the following may be the byproduct of me being on a sabbatical at the Hoover Institution, though I am always intellectually suspicious of ideology).

For indeed, we’ve built FB as our digital lives repository.

As is well-known, prohibiting drug usage does not starve addiction. Education is key. Yet, the pundits make the case agst FB, w/o ever talking of people’s digital exhibition or of our own lack of curiosity.

We live in a strange world. We’re treated as infants. We’re considered unable of critical thinking and of interest for the other side.

Perhaps, we should think more about what we can individually do, instead of letting States roll out content police and other Orwellian evils.

As far as I know, it’s people who put a ballot in for Trump and Brexit. And until now, there’s been no app for that.

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