R U serious bout your me2 service?


Is the question I would like to ask to Microsoft.

Why did they launch an attack against Google in its search moat? This is highly unusual. In tech, firms seldom attack each other in their core markets. When they do, they cream skim the most interesting segments (eg LinkedIn in professional).

Did they really believe they could leverage their cash to build a competitive search engine? One that could disrupt Google?

And why do they keep funding Bing to date? True, the share of Bing generated searches (and money per search) has increasedBut the chances of toppling the Internet search leader are as low as ever. And the wisdom in tech is to shut down unpromising projects (eg Google glasses and soon the Apple watch).

From many angles, Bing is a puzzle. Does Microsoft stick to its guns to keep iron in the fire in case Google search is dismantled by regulators?

Did Microsoft launch Bing for fear of missing yet again an important industry development like they did with mobile?

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